In Hiding?

When Jess wrote Road to El Roi, she knew she’d be in hiding for an extended period, and has been unable to market the book widely due to that reason. But it turns out, many women (and some men) have been helped by the soothing words Jess brings, and particularly, to our surprise, the handy tips in the back of the book. While we apologize for our silence this last year, it’s been somewhat intentional.

El Roi is entering a phase of revision in which it begins to get ‘dressed up for the party’ and gets up to speed in exposure. As a niche book, we know it will reach those very special angels we seek to love and protect. Our blessings to you in the coming post-pandemic world, and we hope the resources you need are more available to you. We’ve been holding our breath for you, for over a year!


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