A Message for Churches

When Jess looks back after her journey has winded down and is able to catch her breath, she finds that her church has sometimes been the most alienating component affecting her overall spiritual and emotional health. Despite her lifelong membership, she feels ostracized and even invisible, with no place to rest her soul or even to feel accepted.

Jess’ unique story is one of many that would fit in the area of personal crises that traditional church congregations are not generally set up to support. A recent internet article by Jill English of Red Tent Women (https://redtentliving.com/2019/09/13/the-casserole-rules/) described rounds of casseroles being baked and delivered for cancer and death but not divorce, infertility, or financial disaster achieved resounding praise from those who remembered well their feeling of “outcastness” in their church families.

While this message isn’t about casseroles, it is about the quality of our compassion and connectedness to our faith families, and we can do better. For this reason, Jess is developing the El Roi Series in a booklet course form, which is projected to be available during late 2020. El Roi Series will be a small group study directed at primarily providing comfort for outsiders and members alike who are experiencing abuse, grief, loss, or objectification that falls “under the radar”. To be notified when El Roi Series is ready, please kindly provide your email with the following form: