Change Pathways

Included within this section are positive change avenues we have identified to help stop narcissistic court abuses. There are informational aids that have been around for years, such as the Wisconsin Power and Control Wheel, but also newly formulated flowcharts (below) and current news articles that identify clear evidence where the system failures are originating.

Together with legislative, legal, and judicial resources, our affiliated organization Children of the Gavel attempts to both assimilate data that assists in renovating the family court system, as well as our overriding mission of effecting change for the benefit of victims of court abuse, stalking, domestic abuse, and system failures which lead to the injury and deaths of children.

Following are links/data/articles that are relevant to family court reform:

Children murdered by parents because of court failures (

One Mom’s Battle website

Washington Post article on Family Court Reform

Legal on Abusive Litigation

Lundy Bancroft

Wheel of power and control by permission
Reprint by permission of the Power and Control Wheel

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